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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My "Holiday"

Well, almost every other biblical scholar in the world is at AAR/SBL, and I'm not. Maybe next year. But, since I have a couple of reading weeks, I decided to visit some of my old friends as Mattersey Hall Bible College to find out what they're up to. Sadly, a few of the people I was hoping to see aren't here - Andrew Davies is in the USA, Glenn Balfour is in South Africa, and all the first year undergrads who I was hoping to meet are all away on mission. Bah!

Still, never mind. It's been cool to be back at Mattersey for a few days - I have fond memories of my first degree, and it's a very scenic place. Not as warm and sunny as Philadelphia, but I don't care. It's cheaper!

And, on the subject of money, the Student Loans Company here in the UK sent me my first annual statement this week. It was a horrible reminder that I owe nearly ten thousand pounds to a faceless organisation. The horror of it all... Plus, they had the gall to send me a little note with the statement telling me that they may have overstated the balance by a maximum of 7p per one thousand pounds. Gee, thanks guys... I give you thousands of pounds, you give me 70p...


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