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Thursday, November 03, 2005

David vs. David

Just watched the Conservative party leadership candidates debate on BBC Question Time. Very interesting. Listening to BBC Radio 5 Live at the moment, the general impression is that David Davis just won, but there were no "knockout blows" made. Personally, I think David Cameron came out quite well, but that's possibly because I'm 22 and not in my 40s (or older) like most of these radio presenters and political commentators. Certainly, I think Cameron has his approach to policy exactly right - general ideas now, exact details later when the Conservative party has had time to think about it, as opposed to Davis' "headline grabbing" approach to policy.

Now, I'm too much of a socialist to ever vote Conservative, but if I were on the right of the political spectrum I'd vote Cameron. So, there we go. I'm decided. Of couse, since I'm not a member of the Conservative party, I don't have a vote, but if the Tory party members have any sense they'll all listen to me!


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