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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bizarre Site of the Week

I might make this a weekly thing, we'll see...

Anyway, I came across this website with the rather pleasant (and grammatically incorrect) address It's certainly one of the more extremist websites I've come across, with such hyperlinks as "Whoremongers click here", "Perverts and other sickos click here" and "Hellbound of the Month". There's an interesting animated GIF which caught my eye:

The site, suffice to say, is very literal in its interpretation of hell. It tends to take the book of Revelation very literally, which being a partial preterist I don't agree with at all. Apparently every 2.5 seconds, someone dies and goes to hell, though how the site can predict that with any accuracy is anyone's guess. If you scroll down a little, it turns out that the site is 'KJV-only', which is daft - not least because the KJV NT is based on the Majority Text, which is not the best Greek NT text. (It's also really hard to read, even for someone who got an A in English Language/Literature A-Level!)

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this Bizarre Site of the Week is bizarre purely because I can't quite see why anyone who actually reads the Bible could get a theology like this one! It's very interesting to find out how other interpret the Bible, but sometimes for me it's quite sad. Especially in this case: why make hell rather than Jesus the focus of a NT theology?


  • At 13:39, Blogger James Crossley said…

    I dread to read it in case I finally confirm where my future really lies!

  • At 13:13, Anonymous Chris Tilling said…

    Oh my!

    I did a small series a while back on Fundie websites.

    James wrote: "I might make this a weekly thing, we'll see..."

    At first I laughed cos it was all so wierd. And some of it is just plain funny, especially the Flat-earthers. But then I started getting depressed as I read through more of them. Particularly one webpage (on homosexuality) that was just downright evil. Some of it can be really quiet disturbing and sad.


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